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Mutations in succinate dehydrogenase B (SDHB) enhance neutrophil survival independent of HIF-1a expression

Paper written by Joseph Willson (OPTIMA 2014) and Professor Sarah Walmsley (open access). Link to original paper here: Willson et al (2016)

Tricarbocyanine N-triazoles: the scaffold-of-choice for long-term near-infrared imaging of immune cells in vivo

Paper written by Jamie Scott (OPTIMA 2016) and Professor Marc Vendrell (open access). Link to original article: Scott, Vendrell et al (2018)

Augmentation of human monocyte responses to lipopolysaccharide by the protein S and Mer/Tyro3 receptor tyrosine kinase axis

Paper written by Nicole Barth, Professor Adriano Rossi and Professor Ian Dransfield (paywall). Link to original article: Barth, Rossi and Dransfield (2018)

Towards automated cancer screening: Label‐free classification of fixed cell samples using wavelength modulated Raman spectroscopy

Paper written by Lana Woolford (OPTIMA 2015) and Professor Simon Herrington (open access). Link to original paper: Woolford et al 2018

Extracellular vesicles arising from apoptotic cells in tumors: roles in cancer pathogenesis and potential clinical applications

Paper written by Catherine Lynch (OPTIMA 2014), Maria Panagopoulou (OPTIMA 2016) and Professor Chris Gregory (open access). Link to original article: Lynch, Panagopoulou and Gregory 2017