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STEM on a shoestring - Rainbows

High resolution PDF of the 'STEM on a shoestring - Rainbows' activity. Includes links to a How To video (with Closed Captions). Future activities to be released on Monday afternoons.

More OPTIMA researchers to be confirmed for Glasgow Science Festival 2020!

Over the next two months and as part of the Glasgow Science Festival 2020, we will be posting profiles for different researchers on Mondays each week, so please do check back frequently to see who is up next! We will have profiles from:

  • Evita Ning (bioengineer turned chemist)
  • Helen Parker (physicist turned biologist)
  • Joanna Long (physiotherapist turned biologist)
  • Katie Ember (biochemist turned chemist)
  • Maria Panagoupoulou (pharmacist turned physicist)
  • Nicole Barth (biochemist turned biologist)
  • Paul Cowling (biochemist turned chemist)

And hopefully many more! Stay tuned :-)

Samuel Stanfield

Find out more about Samuel, his research and what his favourite joke is (it might go over younger heads!)

Rhona Muir profile

Find out more about Rhona, her research and what she did at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow in 2014.

Dawn Gillies profile

Find out more about Dawn, her research and why she wanted to be an Egyptologist as a kid.

Clara Vergez profile

Find out more about Clara, her research and the plethora of things she'd be doing if she wasn't a scientist.

Amelia Hallas-Potts profile

Find out more about Amelia, her research and what her three wishes would be, if she were to have some!

Alastair Davy profile

Find out more about Alastair, his research and what is the most fun thing he has ever done.

Anastasta Kapara profile

Find out more about Anastasia, her research and what her favourite type of music is.