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Industry Partners

Optima Industry Partners

One of the strengths of OPTIMA is its strong links to the business community via its industrial partners.

Recovering from COVID-19

We still have students exploring their options for their 3 month funded placements.

Please do get in touch via our Contact Form if this would be helpful in supporting your organisation's recovery post-COVID-19.

The Royal Society of Edinburgh

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"The RSE would offer the student an opportunity to work within our Policy Advice Unit, which provides public policy advice to the Scottish Government, the UK Government and the EU....we are excited by the interdisciplinary, translational training program that you have put together"

Dr Bristow Muldoon

Head of Policy Advice

Edinburgh bioQuarter

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"This CDT perfectly aligns with our vision to support and foster innovation and entrepreneurial skills in science related to healthcare. We urgently need to expand our base of scientific entrepreneurs who understand the process and real human value of commercialization to deliver improvements in healthcare."

Dr Mike Capaldi

Commercialisation Director

Entrepreneurial Spark

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"Entrepreneurial Spark enthusiastically supports ... CDT in Optical Medical Imaging. We would be pleased to host placement students.. The students would be constantly networking with entrepreneurs, financiers, support firms, policy makers and business experts"

Lucy-Rose Walker

Co-founder and Chief Solutions Officer


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"The National Physical Laboratory (NPL) being the UK's National Measurement Institute, is a world-leading centre of excellence in developing and applying the most accurate measurement standards."

"In it's effort to remain world-leading, the NPL is engaging with academia in line with its research priorities and interests"

"The NPL is pleased to be able to support the...CDT in optical imaging" "Our interests are...strongly aligned with the theme of the...CDT"

Dr Alex Knight

Biotechnology Group - Analytical Science Division

Roslin Cells

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"We are continually seeking to improve the processes with which we manufacture cell therapy products. Disruptive technologies, such as Optical Medial Imaging, will undoubtedly be part of our future and accordingly I would welcome the opportunity to support the activities of the...Centre"

Aidan Courtney


Knowledge Transfer Network

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"Thank you for the opportunity to partner in your proposal for a CDT in this area of Imaging and sensing. This field is one of significant strength in the UK, which we need to retain with appropriate skills, but we also need to be open to new imaging modalities and your proposal for Optical Medical Imaging is very timely. Our KTN is addressing Priority Areas across medical technologies, diagnostics in its broadest sense and stratified medicine in which optical imaging and sensing will play an important role."

Sue Dunkerton

Co-Director HealthTech and Medicines KTN


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"HGF works with clients across a range of medical technologies, and optical medical imaging is a growing area interest. The technology area thus matches with areas of our business. We strongly encourage the focus upon business skills and translation that the CDT intends to incorporate into its studies; it is in this area that there would be an opportunity to work with you and the students."

Douglas Drysdale

Patents Director

BBI Solutions

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"BBI recognize that imaging diagnostics promise to be the most powerful and rapidly growing sector within the in vitro diagnostics sector and we are keen to develop strategic relationships with leading academics within this space. We are always in need of scientists trained in the commercial and clinical context of our products and indeed this unique ‘skills’ offering is rarely available."

Dr Pete Corish

Head of Business Development

Touch Bionics

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"Touch Bionics enthusiastically supports OPTIMA. As a partner, we would be pleased to host placement students as they would have an unrivalled experience in the commercialisation of leading edge medical technologies. While for us, this partnership means access to top quality scientists and developing entrepreneurs.”

Hugh Gill


ST Microelectronics

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"We view initiatives such as this, which boost the UK pool of highly knowledgeable and qualified engineers, as a strategic benefit to our industry. In addition the unique business and clinical awareness that these graduates will have will bring e a major boost to the local 'skills pool'."

Lindsay Grant

Director - Imaging Division


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“The aims of the Centre for Doctoral Training are of direct interest to Almac. In addition to training the next generation of molecular and physical sciences, in the context of clinically relevant projects, the training in business skills and entrepreneurship is particularly important. Developing PhD scientists with business acumen and an understanding of the commercial scientific environment is highly desirable and we support this initiative 100%.”

Dr Stephen Barr

President and MD for Almac Sciences


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"the combination of excellence in physical sciences married with entrepreneurial training and clinical awareness make this a unique and fertile training opportunity".

Dr Malcolm Skingle

Director - Academic Liaison

PA Consulting Group

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"Optics and imaging are valuable capabilities which PA Consulting Group offers to its clients. They are also areas where it can be challenging to recruit graduates and early-career scientists with the appropriate depth of knowledge and skills, coupled with the right approach to working on fast-paced commercial projects and the ability to communicate effectively with senior clients. We are pleased that the CDT training programme has been designed to address these issues and believe it can make an important contribution to the development of these valuable skills."

Dr Mark Humphries

PA Management Group

i2eye Diagnostics

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“i2eye Diagnostics Ltd is pleased to support the CDT in Optical Medical Imaging. This scientific area represents an important technological field for innovation in health care as well as economic development. In addition we strongly encourage the training in business skills and translation that your CDT provides.”

Les Gaw