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Sardinian start-ups

Kirsty RossAug 23, 2019 Placement highlights
Andrea Usai is spending the second half of his placement with U4Fit, a start up based in Sardinia.

Cagliari Port CC-BY-2.0 Larry Koester (

Day 1

For the past 2 months, I had the great opportunity of working together with U4FIT, a growing start-up company based in Cagliari, Sardinia.

The very first day I was welcomed in the team I had the chance to discuss with the founders where my contribution could have the biggest and most useful impact. We had a day-long meeting, discussing the company vision and how my skills could fit into their picture, and I am so happy with how it turned out.

Home for the next two months: U4FIT offices


I was assigned the role of mentor, of a fairly new employee, with the aim of guiding and organising the day to day job as well as teaching business strategies mostly focused on marketing.

I had some marketing experience already, but this time not only I have the chance do it with a different company, but I also get to experience how to organise and delegate someone else work in the same field.

I couldn't be more satisfied with my role.

It gives me the chance to try out new strategies, read many formative books in the field, get to know new customer needs, explore a market segment different from the past, all while sharing my knowledge in the form of mentoring.

So far everything has been great. The place is great, the people are great, the weather is great.

Experience IS great! What else to say?

Andrea Usai on his first day working at U4FIT, Sardinia