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Alumni 2016

2016 Alumni

Our third cohort are now entering their writing up, submission and graduation year. Most are writing up whilst others are already getting ready to start in paid employment. We are looking forward to seeing them all at graduation!

Amelia Hallas-Potts

Currently writing up

PhD Ovarian cancer research Professional experience
Scientific Analyst LifeArc

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Angus Marks

Currently writing up

PhD 3D tissue models for liver cancer
Professional experience
Engineer CPI

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Dominic Norberg

Software Engineer


PhD Optical coherent fibre bundles for in vivo diagnostic micro-endoscopy applications

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Jessie-May Morgan

Cycling Industry Journalist


MSc(R) Optical Medical Imaging with integrated studies in Healthcare Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Professional experience
Business Development Associate Mountain Bike Centre for Scotland

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Joanna Long

Senior Physiotherapist

NHS Borders

PhD Validation of chemical smart probes for use in tuberculosis point of care diagnostics

Professional experience
Consultant Intern Francis Health NZ

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Kristel Sepp

Risk Advisory Consultant


PhD In vitro label-free drug imaging to understand drug distribution and activity using stimulated Raman scattering microscopy
Professional experience
Financial Analyst and Planning Intern Swedbank Estonia

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Maria Panagopoulou

Senior Scientist

Ichnos Sciences

PhD Imaging blood-borne extracellular vesicles to improve cancer diagnosis and therapy
Professional experience
Intern Roche

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Nicole Barth

Postdoctoral Researcher

University of Edinburgh

PhD Detection of apoptotic cells using novel fluorescent peptides
Professional experience
Policy and Engagement Intern Scotland's Futures Forum

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